Carousel Tuileries Gardens

Carousal Tuileries Gardens

Yesterday I went for the walk in the Tuileries Gardens and came across this lovely Carousal, how perfect.  It was cool, but a lovely, sunny, spring day and it was such a perfect image I had to capture it.  Was waiting for Mary Poppins to show up and take us galloping away on the horses.

I love Paris, it is everything I hoped it would be, but so real.  These fabulous surroundings aren’t museums this is their everyday life, which makes them so vibrant.

One response to “Carousel Tuileries Gardens

  1. Hi, your artwork has great charm – I love the bright colours you work with. About your ink pen query – unfortunately I don’t know of a good brand that will work with oil pastels. I too have ruined pens this way. If I find a way of coping well with this problem I’ll let you know :0)

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