The Dog Ate my Painting

This is the scoundrel that perpetrated the crime.

This is a  sketch of my lovely little girl, Hannah, a West Highland Terrier.  She was lying beside me and just put her head on my lap and was looking up at me wondering what I was doing.

I thought it was time that I drew my dog,  it didn’t seem right that a dog lover would be only drawing cats.  I haven’t drawn a fluffy dog before, nor had I owned one before, had some difficulty in drawing a white dog on a white page.  Next time I will try dark coloured paper to see if that makes it any easier.

Little did I know the mischief that she was about to be up too.

For the last few weeks I had been happily (if slowly) working away on my next painting.  It was to be another large work and I had done the basic sketch, painted the background and was just starting to work on adding the pencil details.  It was at the stage when I wasn’t sure if it was going to work as it was a painting of a Banksia somewhat fluffy, which was different from my other smooth flowers I had previously done.  I was struggling with how this was going to work with the strong outlines that I been using.  But the question was sorted for me.

So readers I have not posted in a while because the dog ate my painting.  (I could not wait to use that line).  It was my fault as I had left it on the ground for a few days and it was clearly too much temptation.  A lesson learned, and I am not too upset as I had a few issues that needed to be resolved in the work, so I will just have to start again, or call it fate and begin on something new.


6 responses to “The Dog Ate my Painting

  1. Your sketch of Hannah is adorable! She’s still a sweetheart even if she did (gasp!) eat your painting. Please tell us you’re going to still save the top part of that Banksia painting. Its gorgeous.

    • Thank you for your kind words I don’t think I will keep this painting as it is the top half that I was unhappy with. I will redo it though and with the wisdom of hindsight make some changes and most importantly keep it off the floor. Perhaps Hannah is really an art critic!

  2. Oh no! Hannah is a gorgeous mix of adorable and naughty, that’s for sure. At least she ate the painting you weren’t happy with 😉 Looking forward to seeing the revised version, love the detail in the lower half…

  3. I’m so sorry she ate your painting, but you did turn it into a funny story and an interesting post. Looking forward to seeing this new painting! And your picture of Hannah is compelling. She looks like a fun companion, even if she is an art critic of the worst kind!

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