flowers and pattern – and bravery

Sturt Desert Pea cut out on the pattern.

Sturt Desert Pea cut out on the pattern.

I have completed the second stage of my new work and I am quietly confident that the concept may work.  It was funny, I was nervous and procrastinated before I began the second step of drawing, the sturt desert peas to go over the pattern, even though they were on a separate piece of paper and did not affect the background pattern.  I was wondering why I was so hesitant and finally realised that by not doing it, it still remained a possibility in my head.  If I did it and it did not work the possibility was gone and a long cherished of idea would have to be scraped.  Of course by not doing it, the idea was also never going to get a chance of fruition.

Drawing the Peas 1

Drawing the Peas 1

This of course was not an acceptable state of affairs, I am usually fairly fearless and will leap into new things (wisely or not), the second realisation was that I was tired, the chronic fatigue is worse this year as I pressed myself too hard last year).  It is interesting sometimes when you figure out what the issues are and have a good look at them, they don’t seem so important, so away I went.

Having had this moment of moderate bravery, I took an immensely brave step and approached my first gallery, to see if they would represent my work.  I have been meaning to do this for the last year or two, but for all the same reasons as above had not been confident enough to take that step.  What if my work was not good, enough, commercial enough etc, etc, etc……..  Would my dream of being a professional artist be only that, a dream.  Nothing new or something every artist goes through, but a huge barrier I had to overcome.  But with the lovely feedback about my work I have received on this blog to encourage me, I did it.  And… they like my work and want to meet me to see my portfolio with the intent of representing me!  Many happy dances around the room.

Drawing the Peas 2

Drawing the Peas 2

So one of the main objectives of starting this blog may just come to fruition.  Thank you to all my followers, who have taken the time to comment and give me feedback on my work, know that you have made a difference and given me the confidence to take this big step forward in my artistic career.

Rough layout in Photoshop for project

Rough layout in Photoshop for project

Back to drawing at hand, I am now going to do some black and white flowers to put in the middle distance, just to give more depth and variety.  I did a some rough cutting and pasting in photo shop to see how it would look and was pleased with the idea, so on to stage 3 for this project.






9 responses to “flowers and pattern – and bravery

  1. Oh I’m so happy for you! Congrats on moving forward with the gallery. Your work is fabulous and I can’t imagine them turning you down. Keep it going!!!
    🙂 Gale

  2. I think approaching galleries is about the scariest thing an artist has to do. It is frightening because so many people who own or manage galleries have an affected air and can appear to DISDAIN to talk to you. I’ve been gallery phobic for several decades now. So well done and I hope YOUR gallery people are very nice and not a bit like many who I have come across in Perth.

    • Thanks Julie, I chose this local gallery as they seem nice, so I hope it works out well. We shall see, if not there are plenty of others. I have do e it once, I can now do it again. Karen

  3. ps…forgot to say – this new work of yours is fabulous. Margaret Preston eat your heart out.

  4. Well, I had to look up sturt pea on the internet as I had no idea what you were talking about and could not figure out your drawing; I thought it was some sort of humorous cartoon. Wow! how amazing and funny these plants are, isn’t nature astonishing? So pleased you got the courage to ask a Gallery to represent you, that took some guts. Best wishes. Sue

  5. Oh that is lovely! I know exactly what you mean about being nervous to take the next step because…. what if you ruin it? Oiy. Like I said, lovely though! I look forward to seeing the final!

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